Build your naval empire in the best strategy game of naval warfare!

Own massive naval fleet. Play with millions of online players from all over the world!

We are in a new era of war game, The game challenges you to become the best navy commander.Lead your nation to the glory of the victory!

************ GAME FEATURES ************
Diversified troops units and exquisite real battle scene
- Warship: Exclusive performance for each Destroyer, Cruiser, Submarine and Aircraft Carrier
- Strategic Bomber: Provide air support during naval battles
- Cruise Missile: Cruise Missile make a fatal blow
- Mech: Mech and Warships jointly fight with the enemy
Various ways to enhance your navy's power
- Technology: Leading technology has a great impact on the entire country
- Skill: Supply your commander with superior power
- Device: Manufacture advanced device and equip them on your military base
Create unbeatable alliance and rule the world
- Join an alliance where you can get help from members, and obtain exclusive gifts
- Participate in alliance challenge with alliance members to get rewards everyday
- Assist each other to defeat the enemy in world naval war
Wonderful and diverse ways of fighting
- Take a separate adventure in conquest to get rewards
- Team up with other commanders to join allied combat for Gems,Devices and much more items!
Various events to participate
- Mech War: Eliminate the enemy's mech to win the reward of victory
- Mysterious Waters: Explore Mysterious Waters with alliance members to win the team glory
- Pirate Crisis: Team up with other commanders to eliminate pirates
- Crystal Island: Alliance fights for crystal islands
- Navy Competition: Challenge other Commanders to rise in rank and claim eternal glory!
Real trade system
- Trade strategic resources in a real-time online market
Play with global commanders
- Play & chat online with millions of other players world widely.
- Build your own country, find more allies and fight for your nation!

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